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Nass-T-Habit Adventure Team, LLC

Lake Michigan Scuba diving charters in S.E. Wisconsin.

Lake Michigan: 307 miles long, 118 miles wide, and containing some 3000 sunken vessels. While many remain undiscovered, others have been found and are accessible for exploration. The cold waters of Lake Michigan result in some of the most well-preserved shipwrecks in the world. Nass-T-Habit can take you there.

Captain Kurt Nass has lived on the Great Lakes since 1981 and has operated boats on Lakes Erie, Superior, and Michigan.

Kurt began diving on Lake Michigan in 2005 and has since been certified to the level of Tri-Mix with TDI.

His love of the water, both on and under, led him to start Nass-T-Habit in 2009. The satisfaction of sharing the wonders of the lakes is what drives Kurt to deliver the best possible service to divers of all experience levels.

theboatThe Nass-T-Habit is a 1987 Sea Ray 270 Sportfish, customized for scuba diving with an extended swim platform and large fin ladder as well as spacious gear benches. Powered by twin V-8 engines, the boat will get you to the dive site in short order, with cruising speeds over 25 knots in ideal conditions even when fully loaded.

The boat boasts a large pilot house to keep divers out of the sun or spray if desired. Equipped with a full private head, running water, and a pleasant area below deck, the boat offers comforts and privacy.

The boat is voluntarily put through a US Coast Guard inspection, carries all the required safety gear, and is further equipped to do duty as a Coast Guard Auxiliary Facility.

Emergency oxygen is kept onboard.

AC power is available for charging if needed.

Bottled water is complimentary on all dives, and light snacks are usually offered.


Dives in the Milwaukee area leave from the McKinley Marina boat ramp area.

Port Washington dives to the wrecks of the Niagara and the Northerner leave from the Port Washington Marina boat ramp.

Dives on the SS Wisconsin leave the Kenosha Harbor boat ramp.

Other destinations to be announced for 2013.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment is due at the completion of the dive. Deposits are fully refunded for any dive that is cancelled by the captain. If the boat doesn’t get to the dive site, you don’t pay, period. Every attempt will be made to provide any refunds in the same manner the deposit was made.

Divers who are unable to make the dive for any reason other than cancellation by the captain—seasickness, no-show, forgotten or malfunctioning equipment, etc.—owe for the dive in full.

Safety Policies

Illegal drugs are strictly forbidden aboard the Nass-T-Habit. No alcohol is to be consumed prior to diving.

Any weapons brought aboard should be declared to the captain (privately is fine) before leaving the dock. Knives don’t count. Alternatively, if boarded by law enforcement, you must make the boarding officer aware of the weapon before the boarding begins.

Safety is our greatest concern, and all dive decisions are at the captain’s sole discretion. The captain reserves the right to refuse to let any diver dive for any reason.

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New year, new site

Happy 2013 to our friends and customers! In preparation for the coming season, Nass-T-Habit is launching a whole new website. Look here for upcoming Lake Michigan wreck dives and other events. We’re starting with the basics, and will add additional sections with more content as we go.